“Bold and Unconventional” -The Irish Times 2018

An award winning relentlessly ferocious circus show. Tight wire, tricks and tomatoes.
Attack hard and spit back. Brutality balanced by beauty.

Performed by Angelique Ross an Australian Circus Artist now based out of Belfast.
SPIT is aided and abetted by Ken Fanning of Tumble Circus.

SPIT is a one woman circus street show suitable for all
ages. Running time: 35-40 minutes. It includes a wire walking, acrobatics, juggling, bottle walking, and audience participation.
With live music, dance and comedy.
There is also a 50 minute indoor version of SPIT which includes trapeze and more. Please contact for more details.

Awards: The Moira Brady Averill Award: Spirit of Wit - Dublin Fringe 2018

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpp2emTqVBA

Fee (per day):
Plus Accommodation (For two) and transport: 40c/mile (Based out of Belfast)

Fee includes artists fees, technicians fees, and is for up to 2 shows per day.

SPIT Tony Caroll Dublin Fringe 3 1V0A5244.jpg

Technical Specifications:

  • Up to 2 shows per day.

  • Day or night-time shows

  • Stage: Flat surface minimum width 7m

    x length 6m (Need access for van)

  • Height Clearance: Minimum 4 metres

  • Access to Power

  • Access for my Van. Van is used in show.

  • Set up time: 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Get out time 40 minutes

  • Show running time 35-40 minutes

  • Equipment: free-standing portable tight wire (1.5m high x 7m long)

  • I provide my own portable sound system and lights (need access to power)

  • I provide my own technician 


Angelique ‘Reckless’ Ross

Living in caravans and big tops Angelique has toured internationally with shows such as NoFit State's, "Bianco.’ When she’s not being stood on and thrown about by Tumble Circus, she can be found touring her solo show SPIT. Angelique Ross is also a two-time Australian axe-throwing champion.

For bookings and information please contact:

  • Angelique Ross 


    +44 (0) 7481307888